WiFi Sprinkler Controllers Reviews

Do you need a WiFi sprinkler controller for your garden or lawn? This is a guide to help you make an informed decision when you buy a SMART WiFi sprinkler controller. You will know what this device is and what it is capable of, what features to look for that will meet your needs. You will also see real reviews from real buyers and users to help you in your selection.

What Is A WiFi Sprinkler Controller

A WiFi Sprinkler Controller is the latest technology in how you can water your yard or lawn with sprinklers. Wireless Sprinkler controllers give you the ability to take control of your whole irrigation water system remotely. You can control how, when and how long your sprinklers can water the lawn at the press of your button.

A smart controller uses the internet to connect with the meteorological databases and installed sensors to give you a system that allows you to control your irrigation from your laptop, smartphone, tablet or any smart device you may have.

How (Rachio) Smart Wireless Sprinkler Controller Works

Watch the following video about the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller Generation 2, which is our best choice!

With a smart sprinkler controller you simply automate the watering, but not only that, a wireless sprinkler controller should also help you save on the water bill as it should use less water than before. It controls a wireless sprinkler valve to open and close according to the program or schedule scripted into the device. A wireless sprinkler valve should not be confused with the smart sprinkler controller.

They maybe both wireless but valve is controlled by the sprinkler controller or contextually the wireless valve controller. The controller may also be termed timer simply because it controls or dictates when the valve to open or close.

Read here to understand better the differences between a wireless sprinkler valve and a WiFi sprinkler controller. Let’s look below at some features of a wireless sprinkler controller that are worth looking for when purchasing one.

Features Of The Best WiFi Sprinkler Controller

What makes the best WiFi sprinkler controller? Not all smart controllers are designed the same, some are stronger than others in one area and weak in the other. However, there are basic features that can be expected from SMART wireless sprinkler controller. These features can be used as a basis to start selecting or buying around for one. A good WiFi water sprinkler controller should be able;

wifi sprinkler controller comparison list

  • To save water and reduce the water bill
  • To save you money since the water bill would reduced
  • To accommodate existing infrastructure of the Sprinkler Irrigation System
  • To have watering schedules
  • To adhere to your local water restrictions
  • To allow remote access to the irrigation system
  • To install easily
  • To integrate with the best-connected home platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Nest, etc
  • To have access to several meteorological databases for accurate prediction of the weather

In addition it must have certifications with water bodies in your area. The advantage of this is that you may qualify for rebates in your area if you purchase a wireless smart sprinkler controller.


Why Wifi Sprinkler Controller?

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Researched Top 15 BestSellers Wifi Sprinkler Controller on Amazon.com

What Makes A WiFi Sprinkler Controller The Best Choice

What qualifies a smart sprinkler controller to be considered the best? Perhaps a better question will when such a device is classified as best what is it that is considered to qualify as best? This is a tough question to answer considering that wireless sprinkler controllers are manufactured by different brands aimed at answering a certain need.

You will find that some brands are stronger in one area while the other brand is renowned for another feature. However, at the end of the day the consumer is the one best suited to make such a judgement. Then it is suffice to say that at any particular merchant the device that is purchased most will be the best.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

rachio iro 8-zone smart sprinkler controllerLet’s take the Rachio smart sprinkler controller (2nd generation), for example. This model is popular among consumers and comes highly recommended. It really a Rachio deal!

It’s strong points may be that you can easily monitor and adjust the sprinkler system from your smartphone, laptop or tablet from anywhere anytime.

The Rachio IRO 8-zone smart sprinkler controller also automatically adjusts and optimizes watering schedules because it adapts to local weather forecasts and changing seasons. It can also come in cheap since it is EPA WaterSense Certified, eligible for rebate options up to 100% of retail value. Click here for Rachio smart sprinkler controller review…

Rainbird ST8I-WIFI

Another wifi sprinkler controller Rainbird ST8I-WIFI is one of the best to choose from. This is mainly because it allows you to customize your watering by zone such that each zone receives its water ration accordingly. It is not a one size fits all scenario, each zone will be watered according to its needs. Each Rainbird valve will receive a specific signal when and how long to open.

Another strong point is that it has adjustable watering delay fro 1 to 14 days unlike other controllers that can delay watering up to 1 day. It is a Rain Bird automatic sprinkler timer controlling the Rain Bird sprinklers. Learn more about Rainbird WiFi sprinkler controller here…

There are several other models and brands, like Hunter WiFi irrigation controller, to consider which at times can be overwhelming if you are starting out in this area. A serious WiFi sprinkler controller comparison exercise is necessary to help you choose the best device for your needs.

Netro Smart 12-Zone WiFi Sprinkler Controller, Weather aware, Remote control

Netro Smart 12-zone WiFi sprinkler controller is another top rated smart wifi water sprinkler controller that is weather aware that can be operated remotely. You will be able to monitor and control your best lawn sprinkler system from anywhere using the latest Netro SMART Apps.

It is designed for the home owner to reduce water usage while at the same time keeping the garden healthy with just enough water. It is the perfect smart sprinkler water saving irrigation controller for residential use.

It is fully automatic and you can create variations of watering schedules according to how you have zoned your garden. It will water each zone according to its schedule at the same time observing your local water restrictions, alerting you and at the same time auto complying to the watering rules in your local area.

It also uses advance water saving technologies like communicating with water forecasting stations and using historical statistics to give your lawn the right amount of water. Despite these many good features about the Netro smart 12-zone wifi sprinkler controller, it is very easy to install using basic tools that you would normally have around the house as a home owner. You don’t necessarily need a professional installer to do it for you. Learn more about the Netro Smart 12-Zone WiFi Sprinkler Controller here…

What To Look For In A SMART WiFi Controller

Here is summarized table that can help with a quick WiFi sprinkler controller comparison exercise. You will find questions you can ask yourself to make an informed and a well thought purchase.

NoFeatureQuestion To Ask Yourself
1PriceIs the price within your budget?
2Water SavingCan you really save water when using the device or it just gives you remote control?
3RebateIs the sprinkler controller eligible for a rebate?
4WiFi EnabledIs it Wi-Fi enabled to give you remote control and monitoring?
5InstallationIs it easy to install, can you install it yourself or do you need a professional? Can it be connected to the existing sprinkler system if one already exists?
6SimplicityIs it simple to use? Can you program it to meet local water restrictions?
7AccessibilityWhat options are there to access or control the device - SMARTphone, tablet, laptop, the device itself, etc?
8Weather SensitivityDoes the device have "Weather Intelligence" to be able to connect and use local weather forecasts to automatically adjust watering schedules?
9SchedulingDoes the sprinkler controller have watering schedules that fit your needs - standard and flexible schedules?
10CustomizabilityCan you program the device to differentiate between zones depending on soil type, plant type, sprinkler type, slope, shape, etc?
11Smart Home IntegrationWhich Smart Home platforms does it connect to and are they the ones yu are using?
12BrandIs the brand renowned to be the best in this field, what stands out about it?
13WarrantyWhat is the warranty of the device and does it also come with a protection plan?

If you want to have the best lawn sprinkler system consider to have a very good wifi enabled sprinkler controller. This will ensure that you use just the right amount of water and water when it is necessary, automatically!


Where To Buy Smart Wireless Sprinkler Controller

There are several places you can purchase a SMART wireless sprinkler controller. You can get one from your local store. However, it may be advantageous to buy one online or at least research online to make an informed decision as to which brand to buy. A water saving sprinkler controller is worth researching in order to enjoy its full benefits because you would have read extensively about it.

The best place to start your research and possibly buy is Amazon.com simply because you will find a number of reviews and faqs about the device you may be interested in. When you want to purchase a Wifi sprinkler controller Lowes is another place to look at.

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