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Best WiFi Sprinkler Controller

Are you looking for the best WiFi sprinkler controller? Here we are going to discuss the top rated wireless sprinkler controllers to help you make your choice. We are going to look at those features that make a particular smart sprinkler controller outstanding from other brands. We will also look at customer reviews how they rate each smart controller.

Best Smart WiFi Sprinkler Controller 2019

Every as technology progresses so does the quest with manufacturers. The best smart WiFi sprinkler controller 2015 or 2016 list is not the same as the current. You will realize that the best smart WiFi sprinkler controller 2017 list is far different because the manufactures have surpassed each other in employing advanced technology.

As an example take the Netro Smart 12-Zone WiFi Sprinkler Controller which is a new release this year and it has found its way to the top. This is because Netro have been innovative and consumers have loved them and given the product 5 stars at Amazon.com.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

The Rachio smart sprinkler controller (2nd generation), 8 zone is our top pick as one of the best Wi-Fi sprinkler controllers. This smart controller is not only certified by Amazon.com to be controlled by your voice through any Alexa device, it currently is the best seller.

Rachio also has a Rachio 16 zone 2nd generation Smart WiFi Sprinkler Controller. It is similar in many ways with the 8 zone one except that it covers more zones. Click the images below to learn about these Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllers.

Rain Bird Wifi Sprinkler Controller

Rain Bird is another WiFi Sprinkler controller brand to reckon with. Rain bird are also a leader in the industry with their SMART controllers changing with seasons and capable of self-adjusting to avoid over-watering your plants. The app comes with the capability to upload photos, allocate them to zones and name them accordingly to avoid confusion.

The Rain Bird Wifi Sprinkler Controller will also save you money and water because of the automatic adjustments to always keep your lawn or garden healthy. The device will ensure that the zones of your lawn or garden are always at the right moisture because watering will happen at the right frequency and timing for each zone.

Rainmachine Smart Wifi Irrigation Controller

This brand features RainMachine Mini-8, Touch HD-12 and HD-16 that is cloud independent a forecast sprinkler, a Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller. This series is 2nd Generation, 6,5 inch and works with Amazon Alexa.

These means the Mini-8 covers 8 zones, HD-12 covers 12 zones and the HD-16 covers 16 zones. Click below to learn more about the Rainmachine Smart Wifi Irrigation Controllers.

Orbit Wifi Sprinkler Controller

Orbit is another Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller that has features that make it worthy to be one of the best smart controllers. Orbit programs itself with the right watering schedule for your lawn, so you can put an end to over watering, that is to say it makes you sprinkling system smarter. Click the following images to learn more about Orbit Wifi Sprinkler Controller…

Netro Smart 12-Zone WiFi Sprinkler Controller

The Netro Sprite Smart Watering Controller belongs to the top rated category of the best smart controllers simply because it is a new release and has tried by all means tried to keep up with technology. Among its features Netro Sprinkler Controller able to schedule itself by continuously adapting to local weather and season changes.

It being fully automatic it is also self-learning, meaning Netro Smart learns from how you interact with the Netro App building a customized and personalized schedule of how you water your garden. Click here to learn more about the Netro Smart 12-Zone WiFi Sprinkler Controller

Blossom Smart Watering Controller

Blossom has at least two Smart Watering Controllers being the 8 and 12 zones. Both models are WiFi enabled and work with Amazon Alexa. One of the strong points of the Blossom Smart Watering Controller to warrant it to in the top rated list is because it is equipped with features like Weather Analytics, Xona Technology, Self Scheduling.

It is easy to install and set up. Once setup you can optimize watering of every zone according to its needs as all zones do not need the same amount of water. And to wrap it all up you just have to tap once to start your irrigation. Click product icons below to learn more about the individual Blossom Smart Watering Controllers.

Smart Sprinkler Controller Comparison

The following video will give you a SMART sprinkler controller comparison like rachio vs rainmachine 2016. But as mentioned what was in 2015 will be completely different with what is in 2016, the same with 2017. Simply because we are dealing technology here and technology changes so fast, faster than frying an egg. That is to say the best sprinkler controller 2015 will not be in 2016

Best Sprinkler Controller Reviews

rachio smart sprinkler controller (2nd generation)Another way of telling what the best wireless sprinkler controller is to visit customer reviews on different devices to appreciate the differences. You also have to look at the star rating and the number of reviews per product. Above, we mentioned that the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller is our best pick, the 8 zone 2nd generation.

This is because, at the time of this writing, it has a top rated and best selling status with over 1,200 customer reviews. 2% of these 1.2K rate it at 1 star that is highly critic, 1% rate it 2 star, another 2% rate it 3 star – these are buyers who are a bit OK with the device. 8% rated it 4 star, these are users who are happy with the Rachio and look at these 87% have rated it 5 star. These people who are extremely happy with the wireless SMART sprinkler controller. Read the Rachio reviews here