Melnor RainCloud Smart Water Timer 16043-RSC Review


If you want to save on your water bill and have a healthy lawn and beautiful lush garden then a Melnor RainCloud wifi timer is your answer. Melnor RainCloud will help you comply with your local area water restrictions without sweating over it. You will also not be annoyed when after watering moments later it rains and feel you have wasted water because it will never happen. With the Melnor wifi timer, those should be the least of your worries!

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If you want to learn more about Melnor RainCloud Wi-Fi timer watch the following video. In the video you will learn how this wifi water timer works and how easy it is to connect it to the internet.

16043-rsc MelnorYou will see how you can monitor and control your watering wherever you are. One timer can water up-to 4 zones and can be expanded to 8 zones.

You will also see how this wifi timer will give you peace of mind, you will not have to worry about following stipulated watering days to follow the water restrictions in your area.

Are you wondering how to reduce your water bill from month to month and at the same time keep your garden despite the water restrictions in your area? Melnor Raincloud is your answer if you wanted something simple yet smart enough to know when to or not to water. And at the same time giving you easy control and monitoring of your watering schedule.

Why The Melnor Raincloud Smart Water Timer

The following video will share with you how Melnor Raincloud can simplify your life and give you freedom, especially when you are a gardener. You will learn how this simple device works and how easy it is to connect it on the garden and to the internet. You will hear how you can water your garden remotely anywhere you are. You will learn that you can set a watering schedule and be able to water even when on vacation.

Melnor RAINCLOUD Internet Controlled Smart 4 Valve Review

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We’re talking about something that gardeners, very dear to my heart. I had no idea you were such a gardener! Well you know I started last year, we had some great weather last year. I’m telling you my guardian was just like amazing and I thought it was me but I realize it was great weather but if you are a gardener you know you need three things;

  • You need some good soil,
  • You need some good sun,
  • You need some water.

The water part I’ve always struggled with because I would forget to water! Too much too little… And this helps you out with that. Thankfully there’s a tech solution for this. This is from Melnor.

How To Connect Melnor RainCloud

It’s the Rain Cloud smart water timer and basically how it works is you put this into the water tap outside. It gives you four additional taps that you could put hoses or sprinkler system even when those soaker hoses into a flowerbed.

From there you have to attach this other side to your router at home and that creates a wireless connection. From there you download an app and you can remotely water your plants wherever you are.

So you can know, you can have a schedule then and know exactly when you’ve watered. Yeah, they do have water timers and you can within the app set a schedule or you can remotely turn it on and off or you just press one of these buttons to manually turn it off.

So you don’t need your neighbors to come over and water your plants for you anymore. You can do it when you’re on vacation. Absolutely you’re on vacation like oh I need to water my plants, press the button and it is done. Like why are you on your phone I’m not texting i’m watering. That’s very cool.

So this is from Melnor and it’s called a Rain Cloud. Yeah you can get this on amazon retails for about $150. I’ve tried it out it’s amazing, it’s changed my life. Awesome glad to hear you’re embracing gardening so much…

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The above Melnor Raincloud Smart Water Timer video review showed you how you can lower your water bill with controlled watering easily. When you use a smart water timer like the Melnor Raincloud, it is easy to set watering scheduling that can adopt to water restrictions in your area. Thus helping you to comply with water restrictions in your area.

What Can I Do To Lower My Water Bill

If you want to lower your water bill and maybe you have ran out of ideas the 4 zone Melnor Raincloud can help you. This WiFi water timer cannot only be set to water different zones in your garden according to how the zones.

Or provide a convenient way to water on certain days of the week, oddly numbered days or even numbered days to match the regulations in your area. It can be coupled with Melnor ORS unique aqua sentry automatic rain delay.

This way the system will know when not to water because there is still enough moisture in the soil or there has been a rain forecast so it will not water in the rain. That way you will be able to lower your water bill. So simply get yourself a Melnor Raincloud Smart Water Timer and unique aqua sentry automatic rain delay, set them up. That is how you will be able to save your water bill month after month.

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