Melnor WiFi AquaTimer Smart Water Timer


Do not struggle to water your garden anymore! Do you sometimes feel like not going out to water your plants yet you know you have to because the plants need the water? Or do you sometimes water a little bit more so that you may stay longer without watering your garden? We all have these frustrations and the good news is SMART technology is here to help us. Enter Melnor WiFi AquaTimer Smart Water Timer!

Melnor RainCloud

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Melnor, the leader in garden water timers, has embraced technology with their WiFi enabled water aquatimer. With this device you can control watering in 4 different areas of your garden from your smart phone, tablet or computer with internet connection. You can also control the watering hands-free with Amazon Alexa. You can speak to it!

Melnor WiFi AquaTimer Features

  • Control from anywhere you have internet access
  • Push-button control watering at the faucet
  • Water 4 areas with one faucet,
  • Easily add a second faucet unit to water 4 more areas,
  • Works with Melnor Aqua Sentry Automatic Rain Delay for total watering automation,
  • ates with Amazon Alexa

Watch the following video to learn about the WI-Fi enabled Melnor advanced 4-zone electronic water timer! In the video you will learn how this wifi aquatimer can really ease your work. When you use it, even if you don’t feel like getting out of the sofa your garden will be watered. It’s like using a wifi hose valve, opening and closing controlled remotely.

You will also find out how you can save even more on your water bill by not watering in the rain or while the soil is still wet enough. This can be automated such that if there is a forecast of rain or the soil is still moist enough the outlets will not open to water despite the schedule.

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How to Install a Hose End WiFi Water Timer – Control Your Garden Watering from a PC

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Note: This Melnor WiFi AquaTimer, Model 15043-RSC has a newer model Melnor Raincloud Model 16043-RSC

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A healthy lawn and beautiful lush garden is the pride of any homeowner. The right amount of water is vital to maintaining that sense of pride. Melnor whose Aqua timers have long been the leader in advanced water timer technology, introduces the Wi-Fi aquatimer allowing you to control all of your watering from the smartphone tablet or computer this means you can easily schedule or alter your watering system from home or while away at the office, on vacation, anywhere you have internet access.

The Wi-Fi aquatimer allows you to water up to four areas from one faucet. Setting up your Wi-Fi aquatimer is simple. There is a control unit that sits inside your home and connect to the internet through your existing Wi-Fi router. The faucet unit attaches outside and is connected wirelessly to the control unit from the faucet unit. You can attach up to four standard garden hoses.

The Wi-Fi aquatimer works with any standard sprinkler or soaker hose even drip watering systems. Once installed scheduling your watering is a snap. Simply log into your free password-protected account. The web driven scheduling allows many options from incredibly easy daily watering too. Intricate watering plans for the most advanced gardening needs.

Each garden hose or zone has its own watering schedule so the lawn may need 45 minutes every morning while the tomatoes may need a little in the morning and little in the afternoon and the herb garden once every other day container plants that drain quickly and dry out may require multiple watering cycles every day.

How To Handle Watering Restrictions With Melnor AquaTimer

With water resources becoming more and more endangered many areas have imposed watering restrictions. The Wi-Fi Aquatimer can help by providing a convenient way to water on certain days of the week, oddly numbered days or even numbered days to match the regulations in your area.

How To Reduce Water Bill By Not Watering In The Rain

So what happens when there is rain in the forecast? No problem simply set the Wi-Fi aquatimer to rain delay. You can set rain delay by zone to skip watering up to 7 days. Once the delay time has passed the timer will return to its regular schedule. Even while traveling, you can set the delay to avoid watering when it’s not needed.

If you would like to completely automate the watering add Melnor ORS unique aqua sentry automatic rain delay to your watering system. Aqua sentry will monitor moisture in the soil to prevent watering when it has rained, the soil is already wet and watering is not needed. It’s simple and completely automatic.

How Flexible Is The Melnor WiFi AquaTimer

Now that you have your system installed and your schedule in place we still need to wash the car or do a little cleaning. There are two ways to turn on the water manually. First you can control the timer through the internet to quickly open a valve. This is great for adding a little extra water to the garden on a hot summer day.

If you are outside and simply need to turn on some water to fill a bucket, the faucet unit includes touch controls to activate any of the four valves. A simple touch of the finger will start the water flow, another touch will stop the flow once the chores complete.

Is Melnor Wi-Fi Aquatimer Expandable

Need more than four outlets? You can add a second faucet unit to your watering system to provide up to eight watering zones. Need even more? You can add an unlimited number of Wi-Fi aqua timers to your account allowing you to control watering at multiple locations; a second home, a parent’s home or an office. There are no service fees regardless of how many Wi-Fi aqua timers you have.

The Melnor Wi-Fi Aquatimer is the smart watering solution for homeowners who want to maintain lush lawns, beautiful flowers and bountiful gardens. The easy-to-use features help you apply just the right amount of water, not too little and not too much by providing easy-to-use controls located right at your fingertips no matter where you are.


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The above Melnor Wi-Fi aquatimer video demonstrated and explained how the water timer works. You have seen how one timer can turn one faucet into 4 and connect upto 4 zones and have different watering schedules for each. Or if you have to segregate more zone, how you can add more to your garden or even have others installed at different locations still under one account with no charges.

You have also seen how you can use the wifi timer automatically and manually according to your requirement. Whether you want to wash your, fill up a bucket or simply water as per set schedules, the Melnor WiFi AquaTimer is flexible enough to accommodate all that.